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good morning everybody, how ur you today?

i hope we all fine..

nah, actually i don't know what will i write on this post, but i will share to you some stories.. hope you enjoy it..

bandung, this town have a cool air in the morning, but in the afternoon, hot baybeh..

hey let's talking about love.. hehehe

love is so confusing, it make our mind uncontrol, made ourself smiling all the time when the " love " is for us.. but love can make you become desperate person too.. hehe

i have a friend, she tell me a lot of thing, about her love story.. she tell me from the start till her love story end, i wanna help her, but i can't. All i can do is hearing her stor..
she say, she can't take it anymore with the boy that she love so much, she say that the boy was changed. Not same like an old.. ( bner ga sih, haha) they break..
such a great decision.. but i know, still in her heart is so hard to let it go the boy that she love untill now, but the situation made this happen..
i hope your decision make you happy ya.. :p

yeah, everybody change, everytime.. why?
because it must, i ever think, i don't want everbody around me change, just like i knew them for the first time, but it imposibble. include me, we are always change all the time in our life.. But the problem now, we change to better or the worst?
Of course we hope for the better.. but it posibble to the worst too, isn't it?

hiyaaah, let's hope for the best for us..

now i just wanna say, i still miss so much all my friend, whenever, wherever you are.. I still become me.. always remember you guys, the memories, the foolness the sadness, and for our love story that we ever tell with each other.. You all always right here pal, in my mind..


NB : sorry my grammar isn't good enough.. hehe

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